Welcome to In Touch In Life! 


Do you want something more in life? Are you feeling unfulfilled, unsatisfied, “stuck” and frustrated with the ways in which your relationships, your work and your health seem to fall short of what you know is possible?


You are not alone.

We can all easily find ourselves “stuck” in a lot of different ways: stuck in cycles of addictive behaviors, substances or even to a way of thinking.




Did you know that when you are held in old, painful patterns you are restricted from the ability to live the life that you are capable of living? Feelings of stress, frustration and loss of control can begin to dominate your daily experience, but they don’t have to! By letting go of the layers of fear, grief, disappointments and negative ways of coping, our wounds and traumas, our the past can be released.   





We can guide you to recognize and embrace your suppressed emotions, to dismiss negative judgments and to build your trust in your own abilities so that clarity, wisdom and your personal strengths can emerge, finally releasing you from what’s been holding you back from success, health and happiness all along… yourself.


Teresa’s personalized practice guides you through this process of healing old buried wounds and empowering you to recover clarity, aliveness and creativity.




If it does, there is good news. We can help.



You’ve already taken the first, most important step, by seeking out change and solutions to transform your experience from ‘just being alive’ to living the life you’ve intuitively known is possible.  


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We invite you to learn, to heal and to transform your life by taking that step with us as we support you every step of the way. Explore what we have to offer, and give us a call to discover how we can support YOU so that you can reclaim YOUR life.






You are here to make a difference in the world. In order to do so, it starts with you. We are about YOU. You matter and You have value. And it’s all about you being In Touch In Life.