Animal Healing & Wellness



                                                                Animal Communication

Often communication between animals and ourselves is depicted as a one-way street.

Misbehaving dogs, finicky cats or unhealthy animals may be suffering from a lack of communication and connection with their owners about their real needs and desires. Animals that are exhibiting what we call “bad behavior” are attempting to communicate with you about their physical health challenges or environmental stresses.

Gaining the ability to communicate with your animal allows you to help them have a much happier and healthier life, and creates a deeper and more valuable relationship together.



Animal-Human Communication

90% of all human-to-human communication is accomplished through non-verbal communication, including body language and conscious and unconscious energy exchange.  The same is true for human-animal communication.  Animals pick up on the subtle energy of your thoughts, your body language, the sound of your voice, and your current emotional state.


Your animals will often times mirror your energy, take on your illnesses and stressors and because they are often reacting and responding to you, YOU can, and many times are, the key to creating healthy, balanced and happy animals!



Animal Healing & Wellness

To effectively work with animals, we must understand and respect their distinct nature. Each animal exhibits instinctive behaviors and characteristics specific to their particular breed and species. Through the use of AnimalTalk, an aspect of the BodyTalk System, specific techniques are implemented to balance the physical, emotional, and environmental experiences of your unique animal. It is important to recognize that AnimalTalk is not meant to change an animal’s innate make-up. (i.e. a cat’s instinct to hunt smaller animals.)


Teresa has the tools to communicate directly with your animal to understand what’s really going on, so that their concerns are addressed and so that together, real changes and healing can begin. Every animal’s response is uniquely different and each session is specifically tailored to you and your animal.


Teresa has extensive experience working closely with pets, therapy animals, and K9s. She is a regular advisor for Shiloh K9 Dog Training Services, a renowned animal training business based in Stoneville, North Carolina that works with dogs from all over the world.


Teresa offers animals and their humans energetic healing, behavior modification, coaching, and a clear guidance of what steps to take next to address your animal’s concerns.


Miscommunication is a fact of life, but it does not have to be a life sentence.  You and your pet matter; you both have value. And you both deserve to be fully In Touch In Life.