Healing Pain





The most common reason that our clients come to In Touch is because of their desire to heal their pain.We specialize in healing your BodMind complex for lifelong solutions, not band-aid solutions.  



Our approach recognizes that your life story is lived out in your body.



Stress, trauma, frustrations, anxiety, back pain, headaches, tension and illness are common occurrences for many of us. In Touch goes beyond addressing these external symptoms and will provide you with opportunities to address the root problem that feeds your pain. We offer you ways to heal the source of your pain and then will guide you with preventative lifestyle changes that allow you to stay pain free.






How Does Teresa Do It?


This is a common question we receive, and through our years of experience, we have found that a 30 minute complimentary phone consultation best explains our services. Apply for a Complimentary Consultation.  We also encourage you to explore our modalities to learn how the magic happens.



The real answer lies in the tremendous results thousands of people have seen from working with Teresa. Clients have praised Teresa for her astounding work in reducing pain from severe injuries, chronic illnesses and lingering daily pains. See what our clients are saying: Testimonials




You deserve a life that is not only pain-free but one full of exuberant joy, energy and fulfillment. 

Your ideal life really IS possible when you become in touch with your ability to heal fully. And here at In Touch In Life, we will guide you to becoming more In Touch with the fun, full of life, and pain-free YOU that is possible!