Looking for A Powerful & Unique Speaker for Your Event?

Teresa is an internationally recognized speaker who shares her powerful life story, inspirational insights and body-centered healing expertise through powerful presentations that touch the heart and engage the mind of every listener.

Teresa is available for Speaking on a variety of topics including:

  •          Creating Conscious Healthy Relationships


  •          Fear: Why We Shouldn’t Be Afraid of It


  •          Addictions: Why We All Have Them


  •          What is Anger’s Purpose Anyways?


  •          The Power of Forgiveness


  •          Your Life Story is Engraved In Your Body


  •          How Your Body Reflects Your Business


  •          Including God Into Your Healing


  •          Healing Sexual Abuse: Creating Safe Space for the Body Once Again


  •          Body-Centered Therapies- Simple Techniques to Do Every Day


Past speaking events include:

  • Tips for Addressing Stress in the Workplace” presented to the Eden City Council

  • Healing Childhood Trauma” presented at MK Safety Net Conference


  • “Listening to the Whispers of the Body: The Power of Body-Centered Therapy” presented at University of North Carolina at Greensboro


  • “How Hidden Anger Can Run Your Life” presented at various venues & podcasts



"Teresa Lea is a stellar teacher and facilitator. I have been so impressed with Teresa’s teaching that I invited her to my  class at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, to share her work with my students.  They were amazed with her ability to connect, detect problems and issues, and generally teach with compassion and graciousness. They appreciated her wisdom and knowledge and her approach to presenting in an engaging and genuine fashion.  I continue to re-invite her to speak to my classes as her knowledge and approach have proven to be a valuable addition to the classroom." 

~Jill Green, Ph.D., Professor UNCG



For information on how to reserve Teresa as a speaker at your event please contact us at teresalea@intouchinlife.com or 336-623-9138.