"I came to In Touch after injuring my back picking up my little girl. After one session with Teresa and a few suggested exercises at home my back was healed. The whole experience was wonderful, I felt so comfortable with her and completely relaxed. My visit with her was truly moving that I felt at complete peace when I left her office that day. I would highly recommend her for any pain relief."

~Allison Curry


Miriam Jacobs


"Working with Teresa for the past 5 years has proven to be a continuously wonderful healing experience for me … body, mind, and spirit. She is truly a gifted healer who has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and expertise in accessing the hidden things  that contribute to the cycles of pain in all areas. At the end of each appointment, I leave her office standing taller, more erect, breathing deeply and smiling broadly. All the way  home, my body is whispering, Thank you, Thank you!" 

– Virginia Blackwell, Reidsville NC


John Dewey


"Teresa awakens in me the feeling of a truly authentic admiration of her work, allowing me to have real and meaningful connections with others. Through our work together, I am awakened to new realizations about myself in the world and what I can offer to those I feel a connection to. Teresa is an inspiration to continue to look inside and confront my fears and truly be the change I want to see."

~Zachary Chroxen, BC, Canada


Gary Barnes


"Through our distance healing work together, I have  noticed a drastic improvement in my relationships, my motivations and even a decrease in my previously persistent head and back pains (completely gone now!). I could not have envisioned that such a change would have been possible without Teresa's encouragement, persistence and care about my progress. I've learned how to better deal with stress and internal emotional issues and as a result my business has doubled in just six months, and I am in the best health & relationship of my life! I can't thank Teresa enough!" 

~Jennifer Burns, Washington, DC



Forbes Riley


"I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I had flare-ups that at times would bring my world to a screeching halt. Most massages and healing work that I have ever had seemed to help shorten the duration but the pain never really went away immediately. Teresa so carefully completed her work, informing me all the while of what she was doing. After our session, I was completely free of pain and my body seemed to be like a puddle on the table. I was actually lying on the table; my body was so relaxed I could feel the support of the table under me. This was a sensation that I hadn’t had for a very long time. I had missed this feeling and welcomed it whole-heartedly! I am looking forward to working with Teresa again. By opening my mind to the opportunities that Teresa offered, I have been able to experience a whole new world of pain relief. THANK YOU, Teresa!"

~ Marie Dunn, LPN, Eden, NC


Elaine Williams

"I have been a client of Teresa for nearly two years now and I have been amazed by the incredible changes in my body and mind since that time. Teresa's considerable skills as a healing practitioner and energy worker have alleviated my chronic back pain and insomnia. Our work together has given me more energy, balance and joy than I've ever experienced. Teresa is a gifted, compassionate healer who really cares about her clients and their progress and it really shows."

~Beth M., Brown Summitt, NC



John Dewey with Prosperitage


"My last MRI a few months ago has shown no signs of MS, new or old leasions. My neurologist couldn't give me a reason why it would just disappear like that. But I told him I knew why and it was clear to me that it was my work with Teresa. The work we did together is the only thing different since my last MRI several years ago. Thanks Teresa! I look forward to continuing our work together!!"

~Shelia Herbison Martin, Stoneville, NC


Debi Silber