Hidden Anger is one of the leading causes of divorce, high job turn-over, detrimental health and feeling "stuck" in your life.

You can learn the tools to finally uncover years of buried frustrations and move forward to live a life with more More JOY, Love, & Good Health (and even more money) than You EVER dreamed


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I Know Because I've Been There…

Many years ago, I was right where you are. I was struggling in my relationships and my body was giving me all the warning signs: Chronic Fatigue, Sinus Issues, Headaches, Migraines, Chronic Aches and Pains,Depression and more.

I found myself easily irritated, on-edge, and SO frustrated! And I was struggling to hold it all together.

What was most frustrating? No one could tell me WHY! 

Can you relate? Maybe this sounds familiar…


After years of chronic symptoms and I set out on a mission. I studied with experts from around the world. I invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on my own healing journey, and I spent countless days, weeks and months searching to find the answers that ultimately saved my life.  

Because I decided that if I were going to be alive, I wanted to live and not merely exist.   

                                                SO I went on a quest.





And it wasn't at all what I thought or envisioned it might be. But when I put it to work in my life, I was amazed and delighted with the results!


I began to have more energy, feel more joy, I laughed more, and I felt better. I actually wanted to get out of bed! I began to speak my truth from a place of personal power. I realized that  my needs mattered and my relationships became far more deeper and fulfilling than I could have ever imagined.  


And because this has made such an impact on my life and the clients I have shared it with, I knew that I had to share it with you. SO I put this 5 week Tele-Series together so that you can benefit from it too.



Straight Talk About Anger: How to Recognize It, Stop Denying It, & Put It to Work to Create Greater Joy in Your Life

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Your life can literally change overnight when you acknowledge, deal with, and release the hidden anger that is holding you back from your dreams and your happiness. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone! 










Consider this:  Stress is the number one killer in America. 

An overload of stress in our lives has been linked to lack of performance, inability to focus, health issues, and a compromised immune function.

And what causes stress? One very big reason is Hidden Anger. 









Are You Ready to Have Your Life and Your Relationships Be Filled with Joy and Fulfillment? 

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It's Time to ACT Now!

                       Assess what your  anger is really about and what your options are

    Call up your courage from within to face and address it

Take your first steps to open up to a new level of joy




     What You'll Learn in this 5 Week Tele-Series 


How to spot the warning signs that are signaling your hidden anger

Reveal what you are REALLY angry about 

Understand the belief systems that are keeping you angry.

The 3 Hidden things that perpetuate your Anger and how to stop them in their tracks

Unveil the 5 stages of anger cycle and how to recognize it at its early stages

Be able to express anger in a healthy & empowering way that is not destructive to others or yourself

Learn how you can forgive yourself and others, and use it as a springboard to have compassion, gratitude, and Joy



    And You'll Enjoy These Additional Bonuses….

     (Value: $300)

  Recordings of the calls to download and listen over and over again

  Action Sheets with every class that have the specific questions, exploration exercises & diagrams to apply these principles to your life

  Transcriptions for each call, so that you can read, write notes and follow along with the audios. 

  Bonus Gift From Tami Gulland, Spiritual Business Coach, "Navigating Conversations Successfully: 3 Secrets to Having Your Voice Heard at Work, at Home and in Love"  audio

Bonus Gift From Gabriela Hirina, "101 Practical Ways to Stop Procrastination" e-book 






The Value of the complete Tele-Series with the additional bonuses is $497.  

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If You Follow My Steps in This Program,  I Guarantee That You Will Experience A New Life With A New Level of Joy! 



Stop Giving Yourself Excuses to Stay Where You Are!

If You Are Reading this, It Is Not by Accident!

Don't Allow Yourself to Continue Living in Regret by Not Stepping Up.



It is TIME

For you to take control of your life,

And free yourself from hidden anger that undermines your happiness




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