Our Yoga Philosophy


Holistic Approach

Description: Couple Practicing Yoga Together With Hands Joined


Here at In Touch In Life, we take a holistic approach to Yoga, emphasizing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of Yoga. We view all aspects of your health as intricately connected. Our classes are designed to actively address all aspects of your Body, Mind and Spirit. In our yoga practice together, we strengthen and stretch the body, clear and calm the mind, and create a positive emotional space that creates room for our physical and mental growth. By viewing yoga as a discipline and not a “workout” our practice’s benefits extend out into the lives we lead. 



Melding of Classical and Modern Yoga Practices


Each class melds classical tradition, modern insight and compassionate guidance.  Our yoga practice will actively engage meditation, deep breathing and exploration alongside a flow of gentle and deep yoga poses. Teresa specializes in teaching you how to use yoga not only to stretch and strengthen your body, but to balance your mood, cope with grief or anger, find your center, and move with more ease and grace through every day.


Expert Guidance to Meet Each Person’s Goals


Classes are created with an awareness of and respect for the many different reasons people come to yoga, and the different goals and challenges they bring with them. Together, we will explore movement and breathing for the body, and the focusing and quieting of the mind. However far and in whatever direction you wish to explore within your practice of yoga, you will find support, encouragement and expert guidance here.


                                                                      Yoga for Life


Our yoga practice is more than a benefit for your body; it is reenactment of how we live out our lives. Teresa is passionate about being able to take what is learned on the mat and applying it to daily life. When your body improves its’balance, flexibility, strength and adaptability, these qualities carry over into your quality of life. For example, being kind to yourself, caring for your body, accessing your strength and creating a peace of mind are just some of the benefits you can continuously integrate into your way of life.





Our mission here at In Touch In Life is to provide the ongoing support for you to create and sustain a healthy and happy life. We invite you to explore how this is possible by joining us for our next yoga practice.


This is not Power Yoga; IT IS about Owning Your Power. When you do so, you realize that you matter; and you have value. It’s all about You. And it’s about being In Touch In Life.