Yoga Guidelines


We welcome you to begin to experience yoga at any time in your life; no experience or flexibility is required, so that you may gain the most out of your yoga practice with us.  Please read our guidelines for a fulfilling yoga practice.


Before Your Yoga Practice


·    Prepare to Practice Yoga in Bare Feet

o   Please take your shoes off at the door and set them to the side.

·    Wear Clothing you Can Easily Move in

  o   Please no baggy clothes as they obscure alignment.

·    Obtain and Use Your Own Yoga Mat

  o   The studio does provide mats for sale only. We encourage the purchase of your own mat and props, as having your own tools will provide you additional opportunities for practice at home.

 ·    Practice On An Empty Stomach

o   It is recommended that you do not eat at least 3 hours before class. If a special condition exists eat easily digestible foods like yogurt 1 hour before class.

·    Alert Teresa of Any Physical Conditions or Injuries

o   Adjusted poses can be easily integrated into your practice to best address your unique needs.

·    Turn Off Cell Phones and Other Devices

o   Better yet, leave them in the car! Sometimes it’s good to be unplugged for a while.

·    Come to Practice Well Hydrated

o   When the body is well hydrated performance and relaxation physically and emotionally are assisted

·    Arrive a Few Minutes Early

o   To get the most out of your Yoga Class arrive a few minutes early. Entering the class late is disruptive and disrespectful to classmates. It also disturbs your nervous system and compromises your experience. Please never enter or leave the studio when the class is in meditation, Paraná Yuma or final relaxation.



During Your Yoga Practice


·    Abandon a Competitive Mindset

o   Yoga is not a workout, but a discipline that makes the body stronger, more flexible and healthier. The true goal of yoga is to calm the mind, open the heart and progress along our paths of wholeness. Our Yoga Philosophy

·    Be Kind and Loving to Yourself

o   An important part of yoga is to open ourselves up to self care and love. Embrace the positive relationship between yourself and your body that Yoga evokes.

·    Focus on Your Breath

o   Teresa will guide you through the importance of breathing so that you may achieve a sense of peace as well as optimal benefits of poses.

·    Be Patient and Listen to Your Body

o   Do not force yourself into any pose that is painful or uncomfortable Respect your body’s needs and rest when you need to.

·    Enjoy Your Practice!


After Your Yoga Practice


·    Drink Water

o   Water helps to cleanse and rehydrate your body to gain full advantage of the benefits of your yoga practice.

·    Practice What You Learn

o   Yoga is most beneficial when it is practiced consistently. Practice at home and with us during class. We offer yoga several times a week at our studio and other locations Yoga Class Schedule

·    Experience the Joy and Benefits of Yoga!

o   After yoga you are likely to feel calm and at peace. With increased practice, the physical and mental benefits will increase exponentially. See Yoga Benefits



Yoga for EveryBody. This Includes You. You matter and You have value. It’s all about You. And it’s about being In Touch In Life.